PCN Roles

These are some of the people who you might see within our PCN.

Admiral Nurse – Dementia Specialist

Admiral Nurses are specialists in dementia care. They provide valuable support to patients and their families who are facing the challenges and complexities associated with dementia or suspected dementia. These nurses assist with various needs and offer guidance to caregivers. They also help patients by providing support in developing skills and adjusting to the diagnosis of dementia. Additionally, Admiral Nurses understand the importance of supporting caregivers and navigating through complex family dynamics.


An Admiral Nurse who specialises in dietetics can provide support for various dietary issues such as high BMI, IBS, CHD, eating disorders, and being underweight. Their role is to help patients achieve optimum health and well-being through proper diet and nutrition. Whether it’s addressing weight concerns, managing specific conditions, or promoting a balanced and healthy eating plan, an Admiral Nurse with expertise in dietetics can offer valuable guidance and support.

Social Prescribers

Social Prescribers are professionals who take a comprehensive and holistic approach to understanding our patients’ needs. They work alongside various support services, such as mental health support, financial assistance and advice, community support groups, and lifestyle guidance. The aim is to collaborate with you in order to explore different options and find solutions that will be beneficial to your overall well-being.

Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical Pharmacists play a vital role in supporting your medication needs. They ensure that medications prescribed by hospitals or other healthcare providers are properly reviewed and integrated into your treatment plan. They regularly assess and review your medication to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

You can expect proactive engagement from our Clinical Pharmacists, as they reach out to discuss various aspects of your medication. They are the go-to experts for reviewing your prescriptions and have dedicated appointment slots for this purpose.


Our advanced PCN physiotherapists work closely with the practice and PCN to address a variety of conditions that can impact your mobility and functioning. They have the expertise to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, making them the primary point of contact for your needs.

After contacting the practice, you may have a telephone call or an in-person assessment with our physiotherapist. They will offer guidance and advice, and if necessary, schedule a follow-up appointment. If further investigations or a more formal course of physiotherapy are needed, they are authorised to prescribe and refer you accordingly.

Nurse Associate

Nurse Associates are skilled practitioners who have undergone a minimum of 2 years of nursing training. They collaborate with other nurses and clinicians within a clinical team to provide care.

Nurse Associates perform a similar role to traditional nurses, both in a practice or home setting. They can assist you with various concerns, such as dressings, injections, minor illnesses, contraception, and chronic diseases.

Care Co-ordinators

Care coordinators ensure that all patients receive proper care without any omissions. They connect with groups of patients and collaborate with clinical teams to arrange necessary care. For instance, they ensure regular reviews and medication checks for care home residents. In our Primary Care Network (PCN), care coordinators currently work with various patient groups, including care home residents, individuals with multiple health needs, cancer patients, and those with severe mental illness.


Paramedics are highly experienced professionals who have worked extensively in ambulance services and have acquired additional skills by working directly with GP practices. They assist the practice by conducting home visits and providing appointments for specific issues.

Their support includes either visiting you at home or scheduling appointments for reviews at your GP surgery.